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From the Minnesota Department of Education:

New 2013-15 Technology Plan

Minnesota school districts prepare education technology plans to help them identify needs, set goals, allocate resources and establish professional development priorities. Technology plans may be required for a variety of federal funding programs, such as E2T2, the state Telecommunications/ Internet Access Equity Aid program, E-Rate funding as well as stimulus funds. The plan also provides information to the legislature about the current status of technology education in the districts and serves as a guide for future funding decisions.

The Minnesota Education Technology Task Force and Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) are creating a new planning toolkit. Complete with a model process, best practices and other resources, it will help districts prepare and implement technology in their schools. These resources were gathered by The Minnesota Education Technology Task Force (METT) and MDE to promote the implementation of technology in schools.

Most local education agencies (LEAs) currently have an approved 2012 Technology Bridge Plan on file with the MDE. The 2013-15 technology plan allows LEAs to maintain eligibility for a variety of funding programs and provides a framework for LEAs to update their technology plans to extend funding eligibility for the time period of July 1, 2012-June 30, 2015.

Planning tools and the technology plan template may be accessed on February 1, 2011 on the Technology Planning page.

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Planning Process and Online Tools from MDE Website

Budgeting with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from CoSN

Faced with technology budget cuts? 
Check out this article (accessible through he ELM database) that helps make critical decisions:

T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)
, Jan 2006 v33 i6 p16(2)
The unkindest cut of all: technology budgets are often the first to be reduced. The following eight questions will help you determine where to start trimming.
(technology assessment) Elaine A. Studnicki.
Full Text: COPYRIGHT 2006 T.H.E. Journal, LLC

"IT'S BUDGET TIME. (Already?) Yep, already. Your district is like all the others: faced with rising costs and dwindling income. Something has to go. But what?

As a district leader, you understand the need for current technology, but it's getting harder and harder to defend it. Board members want to cut it, administrators are tired of hearing about problems, and technology directors are pleading for more help. Is your existing technology funding giving your district the best return on its investment and providing it with the best solutions?"



 MDE Technology Planning Guide for 2013-2015  
 Instructions for Teacher Survey  
 Teacher Intstructions for Survey  
 File containing questions for teacher survey  
 A Guide for Technology Directors Responsible for Collecting Infrastructure Data  
 Inventory Collection Tool  

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